• How to get started?
  • How to create and assign certificates?
  • How to assign different exams to different users?
  • How do I upgrade to your latest release?
  • How to properly install it on multi-site?
  • How to translate the interface in my language?
  • How to change email sender's name?
  • How to change text size or color, and other design related questions
  • How to create quizzes for mobile devices like Iphone and Android
  • How to embed videos in questions?
  • How to display different message to the user if they pass or fail the quiz?
  • How to create category grades?


Have a look also at our blog knowledge base.

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  • Can I Reuse Questions From One Exam To Another?
  • Can I Run This On Wordpress Multi-Site?
  • Can I Include LaTeX Equations In The Questions and Answers?
  • Can I sent emails to user with their results even if they are not registered?
  • Can I Show Custom User Fields In The Certificates?
  • Can I Collect Email Address Without Asking The User To Log In?
  • Can I Use Shortcodes From Other Plugins?
  • Can Multiple Users Take The Quiz At The Same Time?
  • Can I Conduct Surveys With This Plugin?


  • What If The Plugin Does Not Work On My Wordpress Installation?
  • What If I Accidentally Purchase Watu Plus instead of Watu PRO?
  • What If I Need Customization?
  • What Happens One Year After I Purchase?
  • What To Do If I'm Not Receiving The Notification Emails From WatuPRO


This section covers several frequent problems not caused by the plugin, which you can often fix yourself.

  • Submitting exam loads or redirects to the home page!
  • When I click on the "submit" button nothing happens!
  • I'm Getting "WatuPRO is not defined" Javascript Error
  • Randomization does not work
  • Grades / results do not work (Getting "None" as grade / result)
  • Problems with emailing quiz results
  • Problems with the %%CERTIFICATE%% variable
  • I added new questions to the quiz, but I don't see them
  • When exporting quiz details I am getting a blank page or server error
  • I moved my site admin to SSL and tests stopped working.


If you still need help email us at info@calendarscripts.info

Changes in Version 5.6

  1. The final test grading can now depend on the specific performance in different topics (question categories). Learn more here.
  2. When exporting quiz results any fields requested from “Ask for user contact details” area will be added as columns in the exported file.
  3. Variable {{{ID}}} can now be used in the question feedback too.
  4. Admin pages are now all responsive and will let you manage quizzes from mobile phone. This includes the tables and the modal dialog windows.
  5. Export to CSV is now available also on the All Quiz Submissions page.
  6. "View results" page and export files include information about number of correct answers, number of wrong answers, and number of unanswered questions.
  7. Added Email log (in the Help page) to show log of all emails sent for submitted tests along with the mailing server response.
  8. When test results are held for a future date, the My Quizzes page will not show earned points, % and grade until the date arrives.
  9. Added shortcode to display “All test submissions” page on the front-end. Role-based restrictions will apply as usual.
  10. A new setting lets you configure what part of the quiz result to show when test takings are limited and the user has no more attempts left: just grade title, title & description, or the whole “final screen” part.
  11. Added the number of columns to the Advanced Import files.
  12. A new option lets you include the optional answer feedback into the %%UNRESOLVED%% variable.
  13. Added final-screen variable %%ATTEMPTED%% to show the number of attempted (non-empty) questions.
  14. Added check all / uncheck all option for questions on “Copy quiz” page.
  15. The basic bar chart (the one you output with watupro-basic-chart shortcode) now also supports a chart showing your points vs. maximum possible points on the quiz.
  16. [Intelligence module] Dependencies will be checked first for tests that require payment and depend on another test results. This is to avoid asking user for payment before they know that they must have completed other quiz(zes) before the current one.
  17. Improved Namaste! LMS integration: tests can be made accessible only to student that are enrolled in selected courses.
  18. [Intelligence module] When quiz results are shown on the front-end with the watupro-takings shortcode the Edit link was not working.
  19. [Intelligence module] You can now set custom graphic URL for PayPal button.
  20. [Intelligence module] You can set quiz-specific payment instructions that will be shown before the payment buttons for that quiz and override the default “There is a fee of X to access this test” message.
  21. [Intelligence module] Quiz bundles can have name which will be shown in Paypal etc. button descriptions instead of the default text.
  22. [Intelligence module] Added menu items for quiz bundles and coupon codes.
  23. [Reporting module] Added Google Analytics event tracking for quiz start button and quiz completion.
  24. [Reporting module] Added new shortcode watupror-taken-tests that will display the number of tests taken by the user vs. number of total tests. See the internal Help page for example and parameters description.
  25. [Reporting module] The Skills page will no longer display question categories which have questions only in tests that are not accessible to the given user (because of quiz category / user group restrictions).
  26. Fixed potential SQL injection.
  27. Fixed bugs on the “View results” page: search by name did not return non logged in users and order by name did not work properly when a quiz had a mix of logged in and not logged in names.
  28. Fixed problems with “fill the gaps” questions when gap and answers contain dollar signs.
  29. Fixed bug [Reporting module]: the Overview page was counting unfinished quiz attempts.
  30. Fixed bug: when answers are arranged in multiple columns emailing results did not include correct / incorrect checkmarks.
  31. Fixed bug [Reporting module]: Skills report page was showing Uncategorized by default instead of All categories.
  32. Fixed bug: the “View details” popup was showing “wrong answer” for unanswered questions in the table.

Changes in Version 5.5

  1. Multiple choice questions can allow groups of checkboxes. More info at http://blog.calendarscripts.info/group-checkbox-questions-in-watupro/
  2. You can now limit quiz attempts per email address requested in “Ask for user contact details” section.
  3. Integration to MoolaMojo - you can award virtual currency for taking tests. Learn more at http://blog.calendarscripts.info/watupro-integration-with-moolamojo/
  4. When setting an email address to receive the quiz results at the admin end you can now use variables from “Ask for user contact details” section. This gives the possibility to specify receiver of these emails who is different for each quiz taker.
  5. Tin Can / Experience API integration through WP Experience API plugin. Learn more at http://blog.calendarscripts.info/xapi-tin-can-integration-in-watupro/
  6. Displaying test results can be delayed for a future date. In such case you can define what text to be shown at the end of the quiz and in the user’s dashboard before the date arrive. This feature is useful for logged in users.
  7. When the PDF Bridge is installed and enabled to generate certificates we will also generate PDF files when “Download” link is clicked on “View results” popup (instead of .doc file which is the behavior when the bridge is not installed)
  8. When displaying “performance per category” you can now limit to the top X categories depending on your sorting preference
  9. The shotcode watupro-result can now work without “quiz_id” parameter. In this case it will show the latest attempt for the user on any quiz. This can be useful if you redirect to the same page from several quizzes.
  10. Added filter by question content on the Manage Questions page.
  11. Added filter by internal comments in Manage Quizzes page. Note that if you have comments saved before this version they may need to be re-saved to be searchable, as this change required a DB update.
  12. Sorting category grades is now also possible by number of absolute points collected instead of the default criteria (percent correct answers).
  13. Improvements to timer: you can specify that it turns red when less than X seconds remain. When results are auto-submitted the user will get a message making it clear that they ran out of time and results were automatically submitted.
  14. Added “view details” link when the list of quiz takings is published via shortcode.
  15. Added “time spent” column to the test result exports.
  16. The watupro-result shortcode should now work for non-logged in users too when you have to show the result of the last completed test
  17. Import / export questions function now supports and shows question subcategories
  18. Added final screen variable %%EMPTY%% for empty (unanswered) questions which will no longer be shown as wrong-answered questions in the %%WRONG%% variable.
  19. WatuPRO can now be used in the LMS LearnPress through this free bridge.
  20. For Namaste! LMS users: the WatuPRO user groups (when available) will be shown on the Namaste! LMS Students page.
  21. [Intelligence module] A paid test can be access for free from selected WatuPRO user groups or WP user roles.
  22. [Intelligence module] The plugin is integrated with MoolaMojo so you can sell access to quizzes for virtual credits earned by performing actions in your blog.
  23. [Intelligence module] Slider questions can directly transfer the slider selection as question points. In this case you can still define correct / wrong answers but the points on them will be disregarded.
  24. [Intelligence module] The user control mode (when you allow user to choose what questions to answer) now can be configured which of the selection modes to include.
  25. [Intelligence module] You can now set the width of fields in Fill the gaps questions at a question level.
  26. Added option to allow “unfiltered_html” to the roles you enable to manage quizzes.
  27. Fixed bug: taker’s name was missing in download doc when single quiz taking is downloaded in .doc file.
  28. Fixed bug: when WP roles were used instead of user groups, saving a test category was not saving the role based restrictions.
  29. Fixed bug with “user chooses” mode. When a quiz is in this mode but the user has stored progress from a quiz attempt, visiting the page should load their stored test instead of showing the choice form again.
  30. Fixed bug, Intelligence module: when editing quiz attempt from the administration, only the grade title was saved in the “results” column while when user takes the quiz we store both title + description.

Changes in Version 5.4

  1. Certificates can have expiration period. After X months or years a configurable message that the certificate has expired will replace the original certificate contents.
  2. Added option to manually award certificates.
  3. Added strict exact match (case sensitive) mode on open-end questions.
  4. Added two more optional contact fields on the “Ask for contact details” section.
  5. Showing “Question X of Y” or “Page X of Y” text is now configurable from the quiz pagination settings.
  6. New option lets you mass update questions to: Required/Not required, Survey/Not survey and Important/Not important. These properties are also shown on the Manage Questions page under “Type” column.
  7. You can now enable Unselect button on single choice / multiple choice questions.
  8. New option lets you choose the text on the Submit button for each quiz.
  9. From the WatuPRO Settings page you can define what word to be used for “Quiz/Quizzes” within the plugin interface. Please note that we are slowly implementing the defined word usage on the pages so it’s currently only partial. This process may cause a bit of extra work to plugin translators as some of the previous strings will need to be translated again.
  10. Added variable %%SHORT_ANSWERS%% for the final screen. This variable will display the question along with user's answer without checkmarks or feedback. The variable is suitable for surveys or similar tests that do not have correct or wrong answers.
  11. The design adjustments now allow you to choose buttons design and text sizes within the quizzes without editing CSS.
  12. You can also choose to use textual checkmarks when emailing results instead of graphics. Nowadays most email programs do not show graphics by default so this can be useful to avoid confusing the respondents.
  13. When question choices are displayed in 2, 3, or 4 columns you can set a fixed column width for achieving the best layout on the specific question.
  14. Added button to “Save & Add New Question” to save time when adding many questions.
  15. You can select WatuPRO user group also on the Add New User page.
  16. Added variable %%WRONG%% to show number of wrong answers on the Final screen.
  17. Added “Save & Add New” button on the pages for managing question categories and test categories.
  18. [Intelligence module] New option: Let user choose what questions to answer (based on predefined criteria). Similar to the User Choice addon.
  19. [Intelligence module] Quiz bundles can now have expiration period of X days after purchasing the bundle.
  20. [Intelligence module] Updated the Stripe payment library.
  21. [Reporting module] Stats per category page now also includes per-question tag report. The reports can now be filtered by user login / email address.
  22. Fixed bug: the variable %%MAX-POINTS%% was not properly calculated on checkbox questions.
  23. Fixed bug: The setting “Do not show correct / incorrect checkmarks on unresolved questions to avoid right answers being revealed.” did not work without the Intelligence module.
  24. Fixed bug: the {{{points}}} variable in the question feedback area was not properly calculating the cases when points should be discarded in some question types.
  25. Fixed CSS issue: when showing multiple-line answers in bullet lists the bullets were aligning bottom to the text.
  26. Fixed the CSS on compact format questions.

Changes in Version 5.3

  1. A new page will give you the submissions on all quizzes in chronological order.
  2. A new field for internal comments to the quiz is added, so admin / staff can add notes to each quiz. The notes will then be shown on the admin Quizzes page under the title.
  3. You can now specify spacing between questions and between question and its answers from the WatuPRO Settings page, without writing any CSS. More design configurations like this are coming soon.
  4. A new "completion criteria" feature on the Advanced Settings tab of the Edit Quiz page lets you define which grades will mark the quiz as "completed" on the user's dashboard.
  5. The shortcode [watupro-result] now can print the whole "final screen" from given quiz taking by passing "details" to the "what" parameter (see the internal WatuPRO Help page for more details).
  6. Added variable %%POINTS-ROUNDED%% to show the points collected on a quiz rounded without decimals.
  7. Added variables %%START-TIME%% and %%END-TIME%% to be used for the time when quiz was started and completed.
  8. You can optionally collect the source URL where the quiz is taken and filter by this data in the "View results" page. This could be useful if you are publishing the same quiz on multiple pages on your site.
  9. Implemented reCaptcha v 2 ("No Captcha reCaptcha").
  10. Added option to select what number of quizzes and questions to manage per page.
  11. Added 3 new color schemes for quiz designs.
  12. [Intelligence module] In case of a tie on the top personality types, the personality quizzes will now display all matching ones.
  13. [Intelligence module] ”Treat this question” as a whole option added to multiple-choice questions.
  14. [Intelligence module] Coupon codes can now be limited to a selected quiz and have an expiration date.
  15. [Intelligence module] Coupon codes will now work for non logged in users too.
  16. [Intelligence module] You can now set text to be displayed at the final screen in case of premature quiz ending (See Intelligence module settings tab in Edit Quiz page).
  17. [Reporting module] Stats per question page & shortcode now support date interval filter.
  18. Fixed bug in the questions import, WatuPRO advanced format (answers were not properly importing after adding two fields to the export file).
  19. Fixed UI issues with the "See answer" buttons when "Answer to each question can be seen immediately" is selected.
  20. Fixed bug: the "stats per category" in Reporting module did not work correctly when the quiz reused questions from several quizzes.
  21. Fixed bug: when copying questions in existing quiz the question were not placed after the original questions of the quiz, but inserted between them.

Changes in Version 5.2

  1. New option lets you not display questions already answered (or only correctly answered) by the user in previous quiz attempts. More info here: http://blog.calendarscripts.info/watupro-dont-display-already-answered-questions-to-logged-in-user/
  2. New button "Save & Reuse as New" on Add / Edit Question page lets you reuse the question as a template for the next one. This can save you a lot of time if you are creating similar questions.
  3. A simple snapshot on the admin dashboard (the homepage of your blog admin) will show you the number of quizzes taken today, last 7 days, this month and the percentage up / down accordingly to the previous period + some more stats. The snapshot disappears if you switch WatuPRO to low memory mode.
  4. The optional progress bar on paginated quizzes can now also show the percentage of completeness
  5. The basic bar chart now accepts "overview" argument which allows you to show previous attempts for the same user. See the blog post for more details: http://blog.calendarscripts.info/watupro-basic-bar-chart/
  6. Information about the achieved points & grade per question category will now show in the "View results" page. Note that these stats will be recorded from now on, so you won't see them for quiz takings completed before applying the new version.
  7. New option lets you use default points for incorrect / correct answers across the whole system. The setting can be overridden at quiz level. The option does this: when initially loading the form with an answer to a question, the "points" field is prefilled with the default incorrect points. If you click on the "correct" checkbox/radio it auto-fills the default correct number of points, and vice-versus when you uncheck the box. Of course the box content then can be edited and this number can be changed. This can save a lot of time when creating many questions.
  8. When the "My Quizzes" page is shown with the watupro-myexams shortcode, the "view details" link goes to regular page instead of popup to keep the layout mobile-friendly
  9. Single-choice and multiple-choice questions now can have their answers arranged in 1, 2, 3, or 4 columns. This is suitable when choices are short or contain only images.
  10. In the shortcode watupro-myexams you can pass a named argument "reorder_by_latest_taking" to reorder the completed quizzes by latest completed on top. This works together with the sorting argument because the quizzes to complete will remain sorted by it.
  11. A bridge between WatuPRO and EDD is available: http://blog.calendarscripts.info/watupro-bridge-for-easy-digital-downloads/
  12. [Intelligence module] New attributes "rank" and "personality" let you limit the expand-personality-result shortcode to only a given result. This lets you manually craft the output if you wish.
  13. [Intelligence module] Added question category in Edit and Manually Grade Test Results page.
  14. [Intelligence module] In Manually edit quiz taking -> Configure email section you can use the user info shortcodes with argument user_id="quiz-taker"
  15. [Reporting Module] When the tests page is shown with shortcode, the "view details" link goes to regular page instead of popup to keep the layout mobile-friendly
  16. [Reporting module] The Skills chart can now be sorted by proficiency or alphabetic, and be displayed horizontally or vertically
  17. [Reporting module]. The shortcode watupror-user-cat-chart now accepts two more options for the "from" parameter: "points" (will show the number of points earned per category), and "percent_max_points" (displays the % points achieved from the maximum points in each category). You can also decide to include survey questions in the chart by passing "include_survey_questions=1". By default they are not included.
  18. [Reporting module] The Tests page is optimized, paginated, and made sure to include even tests composed entirely of survey questions.
  19. Integration with Namaste! LMS now allows filtering students by WatuPRO user group
  20. Minor improvements to the colors of the buttons in the built-in design themes
  21. Fixed bug: when "Save and reuse" was used on Match/Matrix questions the old answers were not saved in the new question.
  22. Fixed bug: when contact details were requested at the end of the quiz the page did not automatically scroll up to reveal the contact fields (the problem occurred only on some installations and on long quiz pages)
  23. Fixed bug: Survey questions should also return maximum possible points for all the reports that use them
  24. Fixed bug: when importing questions with tags extra | were added around tags even if those already existed

Changes in Version 5.1

  1. New mode for grades calculation: when you select to calculate quiz grades by percent you can also choose whether to calculate percent of correct answers or percent points achieved from the maximum possible points. This gives you greater flexibility for quizzes with more complicated and versatile questions.
  2. Honeypot field option is available against spam bot submissions. Using a "honey pot" is a lot less obtrusive than captchas because it does not require the end user to do anything, while the efficiency is almost the same. You can enable the new feature from the Edit Quiz -> General Settings tab.
  3. A new field on the Grades form lets you specify URL where to redirect the user upon achieving the grade. The old option to use the grade title as URL still works, but is less convenient.
  4. Added mass activate / mass deactivate buttons on the Manage Questions page.
  5. New quiz taking counter shortcode lets you show how many attempts are allowed total or left for the current user on a given quiz. The shortcode is watupro-quiz-attempt, see the internal Help page for usage examples.
  6. The Quiz categories table will now show who each category is accessible to (roles or user groups).
  7. Added %%CATEGORY-PERCENTAGEOFMAX-X%% variable to manually display the % from maximum points collected on a category.
  8. New shortcode lets you display a simplified version of the "View results" page of a quiz on the front-end. You'll find the shortcode for each quiz on its "View results" page in admin.
  9. [Intelligence module] Now in personality quizzes the points given to answers can be used to give more weight to a selected answer-to-personality match. By default each match counts as one point.
  10. [Intelligence module] New option lets you turn the blank spaces in "Fill the gaps" question into drop-down selectors. More info at http://blog.calendarscripts.info/turn-multiple-answer-gaps-into-drop-downs-watupro-intelligence-module-v-5-0-2/
  11. [Intelligence module] The Match / Matrix questions have been fully reworked with a new UI. The new interface is more user-friendly and works better on mobile devices. The old legacy format can still be used but we won't provide technical support for it.
  12. [Intelligence module] The Dependencies section now supports all or any mode (i.e. you can require all dependencies to be satisfied or just one of them).
  13. [Intelligence module] The expand-personality-result shortcode now accepts argument "chart" to produce a basic bar chart.
  14. [Reporting Module] The user Overview page now shows total points and avg. % correct answer.
  15. Grade management editor made smaller so you can see more of the grades on screen
  16. Critical bug fix for WP 4.4: After updating to WP 4.4 on some installations submitting a quiz let to a database error and the results were not submitted.
  17. Fixed bug: after introducing multi-quiz certificates, the regular certificates were always issued to non-logged in users.
  18. Fixed bugs with dependencies in Intelligence module: "any" mode worked correctly only when the first dependency was satisfied. The locked-test info did not show correctly satisfied dependencies with % correct answers mode.
  19. Fixed bug: when "Ask for contact" field label contained an apostrophe the whole setting was not properly saved.
  20. Fixed bug: [Intelligence module] when sending email for editing submitted quiz details the email contents did not have proper line breaks.
  21. Fixed bug [Intelligence module]: in fill the gaps questions. When multiple correct answers were given without "dropdown mode" selected the last answer was not properly recognized as correct.
  22. Fixed bug [Intelligence module]: the exact answer feedback did not work on Slider questions.
  23. Fixed bug [Intelligence module]: slider questions did not work in "no ajax" mode.
  24. Fixed bug [Intelligence module]: When "Reveal the correct answers on unanswered and wrongly answered fields in "Fill the gaps" questions" was chosen, the answers were revealed even in the %%UNRESOLVED%% variable.

Changes in Version 5.0

  1. The quiz description can optionally be shown to users with no rights to access the quiz (for example non-logged in users on quizzes that require user login, etc)
  2. The "taking details" popup has been reworked to display the information better, to default to table format, and to include teacher comments (feature from Intelligence module). Note that the points & results column (including teacher comments) by default is hidden from the student. It can be enabled from the Edit quiz -> Advanced Settings tab -> Student Dashboard Settings section
  3. New Advanced setting allows you to not store the data / result of the quiz taker. This can be useful for running practice quizzes where the results / points should not affect the reports, stats, or user level / badges etc. It also saves a lot of database space in case you don't need this data.
  4. The new shortcode watupro-result will display the result achieved by specific user on specific quiz: points, percent correct, or grade title
  5. Questions from selected question categories can now be excluded from reports and CSV result exports
  6. New configuration lets you exclude the categories that contain only survey questions from the %%CATGRADES%% variable
  7. When "Automatically publish this quiz in new post once I hit the "Save" button." is selected the newly created post will be categorized in the same category as the quiz (only when you have post category with the same name as the quiz category)
  8. The watupro-userinfo shortcode now can accept fixed user ID or read user ID from the certificate. Read more at http://blog.calendarscripts.info/user-info-shortcodes-from-watupro-version-4-1-1/
  9. You can mass-assign users to a WatuPRO user group
  10. Export results now also satisfies your CSV preferences from the WatuPRO Settings page. No more fixed "tab" delimiter.
  11. Integration with qTranslate-X (work in progress)
  12. [Intelligence module] Runtime logic: you can now configure premature quiz ending in case user fails to reach given % correct answers during the quiz (after reaching a question number, specified by you). You can also define a "stop" logic which won't allow the user to continue further the quiz before they achieve required % correct answers (in this case it makes sense to allow "previous" button so the quiz taker can go back to improve their answers).
  13. [Intelligence module] Admin can set different quiz owner. This is useful if you have teacher accounts and assigned "manage only their own exams" rule to their user role(s)
  14. [Intelligence module] When a quiz is not accessible due to unsatisfied dependencies the user will now see the table with dependencies on the quiz page so they know what needs to be done.
  15. [Reporting module] Added points collected to "Stats per category" page
  16. [Reporting module] New shortcode watupror-user-cat-chart lets you display bar chart showing performance per question category for a specific quiz attempt
  17. [Reporting module] New shortcode watupror-qcat-total lets you output total stats for a given user per question category. More info about it in the internal Help page under the WatuPRO menu in your dashboard.
  18. Rearranged some of the Email related options to improve the UI
  19. Fixed bug: when "Apply difficulty level restrictions per user account" is selected users with no difficulty levels in their profile had no access to questions instead of accessing all of them
  20. Fixed a couple of issues that caused conflicts with plugins like Relevanssi when a page containing WatuPRO shortcode was saved
  21. Fixed bug: a link to delete all user quiz results was not showing when admin was viewing user quizzes (path: Users -> Quizzes)
  22. Fixed bug: [Intelligence module] Paid quizzes that were purchased from bundles were not showing in My Quizzes page when "Do not display these quizzes in user dashboard until access to them is purchased" was selected.
  23. Fixed bug: [Intelligence module] Quizzes paid with 100% promo codes could not be submitted. Now this is fixed + the payment records page will show the promo code payment as a regular payment for the quiz but with information about the used coupon code.

For older changelog please have a look at the archive.


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