WatuPRO Front-End Demos

You can try WatuPRO as student by visiting the following links:

  • WatuPRO Demo Open Test - this is an open quiz, no registration required.
  • Extended Demo Test - paginated by category and illustrating a test with media and rich formatting. The test includes question types from the Intelligence module.


WatuPRO + "Intelligence" Module Demos

The following demos are created to introduce the extra features that "Intelligence" module brings to the core plugin:

  • Extended Test With User's Choice - this quiz reuses questions from "Extended Demo Test" above but lets the test taker choose number of questions to answer.
  • Simple Personality Quiz - shows how you can create psychological personality quizzes, quizzes recommending various services or products, etc.
  • Basic Quiz - a simple quiz used as a dependency for the next one.
  • Quiz With Dependency - this one requires you to be a registered user and to have completed "Basic Quiz" with at least 3 points achieved.

All demos are hosted on the CalendarScripts.info blogs which run standard and latest version of WordPress.

To have a look at the administration side, see the tour. You can also play with it on our Sandbox blog. Login with username sandbox and password 123456. Note that the sandbox installation also runs the Intelligence module.

If there is anything you can't figure out from the demo or tour, feel free to ask at info@calendarscripts.info. We'll be happy to clarify any doubts.

And More:

  • 1 Year Of FREE Upgrades
  • 1 Year Of FREE Support
  • Instant Delivery
  • UNLIMITED Domains License For Domains You Own
  • Lifetime License
  • Mobile - Friendly User Interface
  • Open Source Code
  • Localization Ready
  • 60 Days Refund Policy
  • 14 Years Online History

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