WatuPRO Integrations and Bridges

Bridges are small free plugins that allow WatuPRO to work in integration with other popular plugins and services. As a WatuPRO customer you can use these bridges for free and install them anywhere you want. The bridges can also be used by independent developers as a base for creating a similar bridge.


WatuPRO Bridge for Easy Digital Downloads

This plugin lets you sell access to quizzes by selling products in EDD. All you need to do is to create some products and then select them to be used in WatuPRO. Learn more here.


WatuPRO Bridge for Woocommerce

This plugin lets you sell access to quizzes just like selling products in Woocommerce. The whole Woocommerce power with coupons, discounts, cart functionality, and many payment gateways is now in your hands. Learn more about it and get the free bridge here.


PDF Bridge

The PDF bridge will allow you to generate PDF certificates. It has been reworked to use the MPDF library which allows it to parse complicate designs and texts in multiple languages (including non-English characters). Learn more about it and download it here.

Developers can use it to integrate PDF documents from other plugins as well.


WatuPRO Integration to MoolaMojo

WatuPRO has a built-in integration to the virtual currency plugin MoolaMojo. How this works can be seen here.


WatuPRO Integration for Instamojo

This is useful for customers from India who want to sell paid quizzes but can't use Paypal and Stripe. This free addon will let you sell quizzes through the payment service Instamojo.


WatuPRO Bridge for Arigato PRO Autoresponder

If you use Arigato PRO, this bridge will let you automatically subscribe users who submit quizzes into selected mailing lists. More details and free download here.


WatuPRO Bridge for MailChimp

Similar to the above, if you use MailChimp, this bridge will let you automatically subscribe users who submit quizzes into selected mailing lists. More details and free download here.


WatuPRO Bridge for Campaign Monitor

If you use Campaign Monitor, use this bridge. You'll need to know your API keys and mailing list IDs. More details and free download here.


WatuPRO Bridge for MailPoet

Yet another bridge that connects quiz takers to mailing lists - this time for those using the MailPoet plugin. More details and free download here.


WatuPRO Bridge for myCRED

This one will let you transfer points earned from taking quizzes into selected user's myCRED points balance. More details and free download here.


LMS Integrations

WatuPRO is integrated in the following learning management systems:

  • Namaste! LMS - the integration is built in the LMS. WatuPRO is the primary quiz plugin for Namaste! LMS.
  • LearnPress - You can use WatuPRO quizzes as course completeness criteria through this free connector.


Extra Functionality Add-ons

The add-ons below add functionality to WatuPRO itself. This functionality was considered too specific to be added to the core plugin or the modules but still requested by many customers. So we included it in free addons that every WatuPRO customer can use.


Chained Logic

This is a free add-on which implements long requested functionality for WatuPRO: The ability to add "chained" logic to quizzes. So depending on the user's answer on a question you choose the next question or finalize the quiz. Learn more about Chained Logic here.


Likert Scale Survey Maker

Huge time saver when creating Likert scale surveys. They are converted into regular quizzes that can be edited further. Learn more and download for free.


User Choice Add-on

This add-on lets you publish shortcodes that will allow your users choose themselves what questions from the quiz to answer. You can publish multiple such versions of every quiz, and run the standard watupro quiz shortcode at the same time (all on different pages of course). Learn more about User Choice here.


WatuPRO Simple Designer

This is a small add-on which can help you make some of your quizzes has more "slick" design. Like this one.

The plugin is super easy to use. More info and free download.


Social Sharing Addon

You need this only if your WatuPRO version is older than 4.6.3.

If you want your users to share their quiz results on Facebook, use this free addon. It will share the achieved grade along with any attached image and description. And when user's frends click on the link, they will be brought on the page to take the quiz themselves.

This is a must-have for personality quizzes and tests that benefit from viral marketing.

And More:

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