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2.x, 3.x

About Watu for Wordpress

This is a plugin for creating exams, tests and quizzes. It supports several question types, randomizing questions, rich text and media, and more. This plugin is free and simple version of our more advanced WatuPRO Wordpress Plugin and a derivate of the Watu test and exam software.

Why Do You Need Watu for Wordpress?

  • To create quick exams on any topic
  • To increase visitor's engagement on your site
  • To run simple surveys and then redirect users to various related offers

How Does It Work?

Using Watu for Wordpress is simple. After installation go to the Watu Settings page under Settings in your admin menu to configure some basic options (optional). The go to Tools -> Manage Exams to create your exams, assign grades, add questions and choices.

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