• Unlimited mailing lists. Each mailing list can have multiple auto responder campaigns assigned to it. Subscribers can be registered in one or more mailing lists.
  • Responsive sign-up forms with flexible shortcodes and powerful configurations.
  • You can create any number of custom fields in each mailing list. This helps you collect more data about your subscribers.
  • Dynamic tags will get replaced with the user's data in default and custom fields. So you can personalize your messages.
  • Import and export or manage manually unlimited number of subscribers in each mailing list.
  • Insert attachments in your HTML or plain text emails.
  • Subscribers do not have to be registered in your Wordpress blog. This means that you can import them from a different database or Excel file as well.
  • Configurable double opt-in, ReCaptcha (v1 and v2) and question-based captcha for each mailing list.
  • Unlimited number of email marketing "auto-responder" campaigns. Each auto-responder can be assigned to multiple mailing lists and contain any number and types of email messages.
  • Sequential, fixed dates, "weekday" and "every X days" mails are available to let you deliver your marketing messages in every possible way.
  • Select time of the day when an autoresponder message should be sent.
  • Responsive design presets let you quickly design email messages that look good in different devices, including mobile.
  • Subscribe by sending email: Users can subscribe by sending email to designated email address (requires setting up POP3 access). You can even distribute them in different mailing lists based on the subject of the email sent.
  • Get notified when someone subscribes or unsubscribes. This option is configurable for every different mailing list.
  • Emails are delivered through WordPress mail function which means you can send SMTP mails using a free plugin like this one.
  • The Wordpress Rich Text Editor is available for formatting your email messages. They can be sent in HTML, plain text, or both formats at the same time.
  • Fine-tuning of the number of messages that will be sent at once, and per day. This will help you avoid overloading your server or the shared hosting account if you are using such.
  • Search and filter your subscribers by name, email, or status.
  • Send instant newsletters to any of your mailing lists. You can cancel sending any time or edit messages on the fly.
  • Schedule newsletters to be sent on a future date.
  • Never send duplicate emails unless that's your intent. Even if the server crashes in the middle of sending to a large list, this auto-responder will keep track which subscribers have been sent emails and never send duplicates.
  • Unsubscribe management - users can unsubscribe from several mailing lists at once.
  • Newsletter and Autoresponder reports show you which mails were sent and opened.
  • Automatically subscribe users who sign up to your blog in selected mailing list(s) or vice-versa.
  • Bounce tracking to automatically delete invalid emails.
  • Blacklist management allows you to block IP addresses and email addresses / domains. You can also use wildcards.
  • Easily create squeeze / landing page like explained here.
  • Advanced performance stats and unsubscribe stats will show you the best and worst performing campaigns, newsletters, messages, subscribers, and more.
  • Built-in integrations with Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7, and Jetpack Contact Form.
  • Easy integration to WooCommerce via our free bridge.
  • Widgets, template tags, and Wordpress short codes are available. You can place signup forms anywhere inside your WordPress site.
  • Localization-ready if you want to translate the plugin in your language.
  • Super easy installation. It's just a WordPress plugin so upload, activate, check the options page, and you are all set.

Extra Features Enabled by The Intelligence Module

If you decide to include the Intelligence Module in your purchase, the following powerful features will be enabled:

  • Trackable links: embed trackable links in your email messages and get detailed reports which links are clicked most and which messages deliver highest click-trough rates.
  • Event triggers are powerful workers that can subscribe, unsubscribe and move the users between mailing lists when they do various actions. Triggers can be activated automatically when user subscribes, unsubscribes, reads email, clicks or does not click on a trackable link.
  • Emails based on user events. You can send emails on (or X days before/after) user's birtday, anniversary, wedding, and so on.
  • Send post or page as a newsletter. You can send any post or page, any time, to a selected mailing list. If later you edit the post you can decide to update the associated newsletter as well.
  • Automatically schedule daily or weekly digests from the content you publish on your blog. You can have multiple digests sent to different mailing lists. Content can be selected by category.
  • Create lead magnets and attach them to signup forms. Learn more.
  • Create filters / segments to get a subset of your mailing list when sending a message. Learn how this works.
  • Split test auto responder email messages. Learn how and when it works here.
  • Create design templates that can be easily reused through multiple autoresponder and newsletter messages.

Extra Features Enabled by The Gozaimasu Module

The Gozaimasu Module solves most of your design needs:

  • A visual sign-up form designer lets you drag and drop fields, rearrange forms and define styles without touching any code. The sign-up forms generated by it are responsive and work well on all devices.
  • The responsive pop-up creator lets you publish signup forms as responsive modal pop-ups. This way you no longer need to pay for pop-up creator services.
  • More email presets let you design more types of newsletters and marketing messages easier than ever.

And More:

  • 1 Year Of FREE Upgrades
  • 1 Year Of FREE Support
  • Forever Valid License
  • Instant Delivery
  • UNLIMITED Domains License For Domains You Own
  • Open Source Code
  • Localization Ready
  • Mobile/Touch Friendly
  • 13 Years Online History
  • 60 Days Refund Policy


"I am using Arigato Pro for about 4 years now. I bought the software for use in my WordPress Multisite system.
I never had any difficulties or problems and the software just does what it has to do, without any problems.

Just recently I needed an upgrade of the software, after finding a small problem after updating WordPress.
All I had to do was send an email, and it got resolved within 24 hours. Very nice!!

And better yet, the new version had new functions and features to make my life much easier....
I am very happy with this software and the service. Keep it up!"

Ramses van der Werf - DWV Consultancy

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