Changes in Version 2.9

  • Completely redesigned responsive signup forms! (If you have done extensive CSS styling on your current forms please backup the old version before upgrading! We are not responsible if you lose your work).
  • New parameters to the simple shortcode let you define several design-related characteristics like form orientation, labels position, form width, and more.
  • Handling bounces now allows SSL Pop 3 connections.
  • Added option to update subscriber’s data when importing existing subscriber.
  • When mailing list is selected for a newsletter we will show the corresponding custom fields in the list.
  • The custom fields table now shows the variables to be used in email messages.
  • Added shortcode parameter for redirect URL. It allows you to override the list “redirect after sign up” setting and have different redirect URL for every signup form.
  • New option lets you use your WP timezone for emails that will be sent “After N o’clock”.
  • Added checks for unique campaign name and mailing list name.
  • A new variable {{date}} lets you show the date when subscriber signed up.
  • You can optionally switch off adding the unsubscribe link for a mailing list. Do this at your own responsibility.
  • You can set time interval between emails in case you are getting messages bouncing for sending too fast.
  • Admin page tables are now responsive so you can manage your marketing campaign even from your mobile phone.

Changes in Version 2.8

  • Added option to bulk delete mailing lists and newsletters.
  • Added feature to export / import an autoresponder campaign with all its messages. It can be used to copy the campaign into the same site or into another site running Arigato PRO.
  • Improved protection against duplicate emails (using lock files).
  • Newsletters can now be scheduled for a date in the future.
  • Shortcodes to use in a “thank you” page and other pages of your site + option to prepend user ID when redirecting - learn more here.
  • “Subscribe by email” can now connect to SSL POP 3 accounts and there is an option to fetch the signups while testing the connection.
  • Added “copy email” feature for autoresponder emails so you can easily duplicate them.
  • Added “hidden” field type in custom fields. The hidden field can accept values from GET (URL) or POST and can have a default value.
  • The raw email log can be filtered by receiver’s email.
  • New shortcode allows you to output the number of active subscribers in any mailing list.
  • The cron job can now be accessed as a PHP file (for hosts that do not allow cron job as GET requests)
  • You can now set language code when using reCaptcha v.2.
  • Reworked the Ninja Forms integration for compatibility with version 3+.
  • The contact form integration checkbox can be hidden by adding a new attribute to the shortcode. Do this at your own responsibility.

Changes in Version 2.7

  • Added report by email domain for newsletter and autoresponder message reports.
  • Added option to manually move subscribers from one mailing list to another.
  • Added server-side email validation for cases when the JS validation is skipped.
  • Added filter by signup date on the Manage Subscribers page.
  • Now you can pause autoresponder messages. Pausing is like deleting them: they will not be sent accordingly to the schedule. But instead of deleting you just pause and can re-activate them at any time.
  • Blacklist management is available: you can specify email addresses and IP addresses that will not be allowed to sign up for the mailing lists. You can also use wildcards to mark one or more characters.
  • You can now configure the content of the new member signup notification email sent to admin.
  • Implemented version 2 of Google's reCaptcha ("No captcha reCaptcha"). You can use either version but we strongly recommend version 2.
  • Added variable {{list-name}} for newsletters and autoresponder messages. Will be replaced with the name of the user's mailing list.
  • The "placeholder" attribute can be added to shortcodes of text fields and simple textareas to generate a HTML placeholder. Example: [bftpro-field-static name placeholder="Your name"].
  • You can now specify different email address to receive your test messages (in "Send test" feature for newsletters and autoresponder emails).
  • Further improvements done to prevent sending duplicate emails (such issue has happened to a small number of users).
  • Fixed bugs with presets and sending test emails with them.
  • Fixed bugs with custom fields (checkboxes) when used in Filter / search subscribers.

Changes in Version 2.6

  • Responsive presets: now when creating a new newsletter or autoresponder message you can choose to use the design of one of our responsive templates and then visually edit the content in the different blocks.
  • The "num sent" and "num read" numbers on the newsletter reports page now open detailed list of the received emails and date when the email was sent to them
  • Added option to resend confirmation email.
  • Added option to BCC all outgoing emails to a selected email address.
  • The option "auto subscribe everyone who registers on my blog" now allows configuration to happen immediately on registration - in case you don't want to wait users to log in.
  • New option lets you automatically delete unconfirmed subscribers older than X days.
  • You can have your own clickable text for unsubscribe link instead of displaying the long unsubscribe URL.
  • You can also specify URL where the user to be redirected after unsubscribing.
  • [Intelligence module] Split testing enabled for autoresponder email messages.
  • [Intelligence module] Paid signup for mailing lists is now available (payment handling through Paypal).
  • Added option to load reCaptcha's javascript library through SSL.
  • Added checkbox to test the Bounce tracking connection.
  • Fixed bug: lists that were integrated in contact form and had "auto subscribe to blog" option checked did not subscribe the user to the blog.

Changes in Version 2.5

  • You can restrict by user role the feature "Automatically subscribe in this list everyone who registers in my blog".
  • The feature "When user subscribes to this mailing lists, register them as subscriber for my site too" also allows selecting user role.
  • New page "Advanced Stats" will show you excellent overview of your best performing newsletters, autoresponder campaigns, top subscribers, and more.
  • Unsubscribe stats will show you which newsletters, autoresponder campaigns and individual autoresponder emails lead to most unsubscribed users (note that these stats are recorded from a recent version so you won't get meaningful results from before installing 2.5).
  • When users unsubscribe, we'll record which email they clicked the "unsubscribe" link from. This info will be shown in the subscribers list page if you choose to not delete the unsubscribed users from the Arigato PRO Settings page.
  • The plugin will now track where the subscribers come from - web form (and on which page), added by admin, imported, subscribed by email, auto-subscribed, or subscribed by some custom method. This information will be visible in your list of users and can be filtered in the search form.
  • The number of active and unsubscribed users is now shown under each mailing list on the Mailing Lists page
  • Added num. sent & num. unsubscribed users under the list of emails in an autoresponder campaign. Same done for newsletters.
  • Custom fields will also be included in the search subscribers form. Note that the search is text-based and works the same way as searching in the default fields.
  • You can now easily setup your blog homepage or selected URL to work as "Squeeze page" and not show any of the WordPress header, footer, sidebar etc links.
  • Advanced role management lets you specify which pages and what access to them will be given to the different user roles. This lets you get your team members involved into the autoresponder management without giving them access to the whole functionality of the plugin. This configuration is available through a new link in the "Roles" section of the "Settings" page.
  • New setting lets you choose whether the unsubscribe page will display all lists or just the current list the user is unsubscribing from.
  • [Intelligence module] Post contents is also added as variable for the digests
  • [Intelligence module] New trigger: when user stays subscribed for X days do Y
  • [Inteligence module] Basic responsive template included

Changes in Version 2.4

  • Added free WooCommerce bridge which lets you sell access to mailing lists or just automatically subscribe users who buy other products from you.
  • Added raw email log showing you every sent email along with error or success status
  • Option to automatically cleanup the raw email log and the cron job log after number of days
  • Option to send test email from autoresponder messages and newsletters
  • Sending "global" newsletter allows you to send a news blast to all your mailing lists at once. Such newsletter will avoid duplicate sending to the same email address even if it is subscribed in several of your mailing lists
  • Added built-in JetPack contact form integration
  • New shortcode [bftpro-other-lists list_id=X] lets you display checkboxes for subscribing to other lists along with a selected mailing list subscribe form. The difference between this and the generic form code [bftpro] is that you can collect custom fields data for your primary list and satisfy its redirection settings.
  • Improvement on the autoresponder campaign reports now let you see which emails were been sent and read in a given period of time.
  • Added file upload custom field type
  • Ignore duplicates when importing subscribers
  • Option to never send this newsletter to use who already received it (even if this happened in another mailing list)
  • Added [bftpro-unsubscribe] shortcode that lets you publish the unsubscribe form in a chosen by you post or page. The system will automatically recognize it and redirect unsubsribers to the page.
  • It is now configurable whether you want unsubscribed user data to be kept in the mailing lists or removed
  • Added option to change the default Contact Form 7 field names in the Contact Form 7 integration
  • [Intelligence module] Detailed report shows who clicked on trackable links
  • [Intelligence module] Option to automatically convert URLs inside any message into trackable links
  • [Intelligence module] Added option to receive preview email with a digest when saving it
  • Doing e-learning? Check our bridge for Namaste! LMS.
  • Fixed various problems with email headers

What's New in Version 2.3

  • Bounce management now available
  • Subscribe by sending email: you can now set up email address which can be used to automatically subscribe users when they send email to it.
  • You can now enable other user roles to work with the autoresponder so your staff members can create marketing campaigns without accessing the admin
  • The generic form shortcode can now be configured to display radio buttons or checkboxes instead of the default drop-down selector. When checkboxes are displayed, the user will be able to subscribe for multiple mailing lists at once.
  • A new option lets you test newsletter and get it delivered immediately to your email
  • Built-in Contact form 7 integration - more info at
  • Detailed log of all emails sent to a subscriber
  • Added filter to show unsubscribed users. The word Unsubscribed will also show next to Inactive for all users who unsubscribed
  • Data from custom fields is now available in the subscribers list
  • Simple text area added as custom field type - allows displaying text box without the rich text editor
  • Daily or weekly digest can be automatically scheduled from the published posts in your blog (Intelligence module required)
  • Improved the WordPress-friendly form code for easier use
  • Improved error reporting for email sending errors
  • General user-interface improvements

What's New in Version 2.2

  • Now it's easy to change the text of the "Subscribe" button or use a graphic instead of button
  • Segmentation allows you send emails only to selected segments of your mailing lists (Intelligence module required)
  • Select time of the day when autoresponder email should be sent
  • Added email sending error log
  • Added explanations about "In queue" and test "cron job" link
  • Question based captcha can be used instead of (or along with) reCaptcha
  • You can now automatically have users who subscribe to your mailing list be subscribed also to your blog (as Wordpress users)
  • Email templates (Intelligence module). More info here

What's New in Version 2.1

  • Added "date" field type for custom fields so you can now collect data like user's birthday.
  • Send emails based on user events (Intelligence module) - on/before/after birthday, anniversary and so on.
  • First name and name can be used to customize the "double opt-in" message.
  • Wordpress-friendly form code that you can use in the Visual editor for easier editing.
  • Multiple notification email addressess can be entered in the "Notify" area in the mailing list options.
  • Added filters for number of emails opened.
  • Added filter for number of links clicked (Intelligence module).
  • Added "Copy from BFT Lite" feature so you can easily transfer your data from the free plugin.
  • Added "% opened" information for each autoresponder campaign and newsletter.
  • Added % open rate information for each mailing list.
  • Added number of sent, read emails, and open rate information for every subscriber.
  • Fixed problem with unsubscribe link on WP multisite.

What's New in Version 2.0

  • HTML signup form code available so you can embed your signup forms even on static pages or outside of your WordPress blog.
  • Newsletter reports.
  • Autoresponder campaign reports.
  • The plugin is now compatible with the new Intelligence module.
  • Bug fixes and code improvements.

Changelog starts from version 1.9.

Changes in Version 1.9

  • Each mailing list can, by your choice, automatically subscribe users who register in your blog.
  • Option to make "name" and any custom field a required field when user subscribes.
  • Sent mails log for autoresponder campaigns.
  • Mass delete subscribers.
  • Unsubscribe management - user can unsubscribe from multiple mailing lists at once.
  • See the progress status of newsletters that are in progress of sending.

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