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Weight Loss Planning Calculator

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Calculate your daily calorie intake depending on a given weigh loss goal. The calculator will show you a warning if your goal is too aggressive in terms of reduced calorie intake or speed. Please note this tool does not replace professional medical advice.

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Pyrostia: Free Weekly Menu Planner

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This free weekly menu planner will help you arrange and organize your grocery list depending on the meals you cook during the week. If you paste a recipe from the web it will automaitcally convert the ingredients into measure-able grocery list items thus saving you tons of time to type those yoruself.

You can also enter calories for each meal so you can track your daily calories intake.

There is a lot of development going on Pyrostia so you can expect many new features making your life in the kitchen easier and tastier.

Pyrostia is a free web-based application. Go ahead and sign up, it takes 10 seconds.

BMI/Overweight Calclator

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What is your Body Mass Index (BMI)? This simple calculator will help you figure out whether you are overweight, underweight or in the normal range. It's free and available both for users and webmasters with no obligations or restrictions of any kind.

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BMR Calclator

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Calculate your Basal Methabolit Rate (BMR) - this the amount of calories your body would burn if you don't perform any physical or mental activity during the day. Theoretically if you consume less than these calories you should lose weight even if you don't exercise. BMR is used in many other calculations like BMI for example.

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Calorie Burned Calclator

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How many calories will your body burn when you run? And when you dance. Or when you watch TV. The calculator will display the number of calories you'll approximately burn for a given time for many common activities. The table is for educational/entertaining use and will not replace professional nutrition/dietitian or medical advice.

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If you are a webmaster and need customization or entirely custom weight loss tool, email us from the contact page.


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We create Wordpress and Joomla! themes for weight loss and health related sites. Standalone designs and raphics are also available upon request.

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