Free Calculators

Here are some free calculators for users and webmasters. If you want to use them online you can do this directly on their pages.

If you have a site that can benefit from having such a calculator, you download and install most of these for free. You will find download links and installation instructions for each calculator on its page. In most cases installation is super easy. Some of our calculators are available also as Wordpress plugins.

Period Calendar

This is online HTML 5 application for women. It lets you check your most fertile dates, expected due date, expected dates of next period, and keep history of your periods in your local system.

Overweight Calculator

This is a calculator that computes your BMI index and suggests whether you are overweight. In such case the calculator will offer some valuable solutions. If you are running Wodrpess, visit the plugin page.

Weight Loss Calculator

This is a weight loss planning calculator that will help you plan your daily calorie intake depending on your goals. If you are running Wodrpess, visit the plugin page.

Debt Reduction Calculator

Calculate how much it takes to reduce your debt and be debt free sooner. Supports two modes for calculation showing you either time required or extra payment required to payoff your debt. Wordpress users can get a plugin here.

Time Difference Calculator

This is a simple calculator that shows the difference between two dates in years, motnhs, days, hours, minutes and seconds or just one of these metrics.

BMR Calculator

Calculate how many calories your body will burn if you just stay in the bed the whole day. It's useful information if you want to lose or gain weight.

Calorie Burn Calculator

Check how many calories will your body burn for given time if you envolve in various physical activities - from playing football to housecleaning.

Gas Mileage Calculator

Calculate the cost of a trip with your car. This is a very simple calculator for car-related sites.

Ovulation Predictor

Helps you calculate most fertile dates and due date for women. If you are running Wodrpess, visit the plugin page.

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