CalendarScripts Affiliate Program offers several opportunities for web marketers, publishers or other software companies to make profits with us.

ClickBank Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program through ClickBank gives 35% commission. To sign up for free CLICK HERE. Note that the default link that ClickBank will generate for you will take your visitors homepage. Once the visitor is on our site, the other product payment options will also be switched to ClickBank only, untill the session expires, so if they purchase something else, you'll still get comission.

If you want to promote some of the other products you will want to send the visitor directly to the product page. To do this, you need to add a small string to the end of the URL that was generated for you by ClickBank. Here are the srtings:

  • To send the visitor to A.M.Y. Ad Management Software add ?pid=9 at the end of the clickbank URL. So the URL of your ClickBank link will look like (DO NOT use the URL shown here, it is an example only. Generate a clickbank URL with your affiliate username and then prepend ?pid=9 to it). If there is already "?" in your URL you should prepend &pid=9 instead.
  • To send the visitor to Eventy and Eventy Plus add ?pid=2
  • For Watu Exam and Watu Plus add ?pid=7
  • For Watu PRO add ?pid=14
  • For the PHP Autoresponder add ?pid=8

Use Our Link Generator

If the above description confuses you, simply select the product you want to promote below and paste your clickbank ID. We will add the parameter properly.

Select product: Your Clickbank link:


Reseller programs are not available for the Wordpress Plugins.

We have two reseller plans:

Full Resell / Private Label Rights (PLR)

This is the best option in terms of cost and efficiency. The PLR rights allow you to resell unlimited times, rebrand, modify, set your own price, publish on your own website, sell as service, sell to sub-resellers etc. the software you have obtained the license for.

The price for PLR rights is 10 times the price of the product. This means for a product which costs $29.95 you need to pay $299.50 one time flat fee and you'll own the rights forever.

The PLR license includes the same support which is offered to the normal purchases, i.e. we will provide tech support for your own installation but not for your customers. Free software upgrades are available up to six months after the purchase.

The PLR license fee is paid in advance through paypal and is non refundable. (Obviously once issued your license I cannot remove it).

Please contact us if you want to obtain PLR rights.

Developer's License

This license is appropriate for companies and individuals who offer programming or design services. It allows you to resell unlimited times as part of your service. You can modify the software, but not rebrand it as your own. You can set your own prices. You can not sell the software as a stand-alone product however, neither you can have your own sub resellers.

The price for the developer's license is 5 times the price of the product. This means for a product costing $29.95 the license price will be $149.75. The fee is paid in advance through Paypal and is non refundable.

Please contact us if you want to obtain Developer's license.


If you are a company or individual who wants to offer design, customization or installation of any of our products, you can become a partner for free. You only need to have a website and to create a page on it describing your offer and linking to all the products of ours you offer services for. The page must be linked from your homepage. In exchange you will get a profile in our Partners directory which will contain a link to your site and a description of your services.

Before becoming a partner you need to be approved. Please contact me and send me your website URL.

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