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This site is focused on selling and giving for free high quality and easy to use web based software. But I get also some requests for customization, design and programming help. Here is what we can provide you:

Software Customization

All the scripts sold on this site are written by me or by programmers that I have managed. The products are based on early versions of Celeroo PHP Framework which makes them quite easy to customize and change in a way that could be useful to you.

Even if a software product offered here isn't exactly what you want, I should be able to modify it for you and the total cost is likely to be less than if you get it built from scratch. You can contact us prior to buying a script and ask how much your specific customization will cost.

If my rates don't suit your budget, you can get any decent programmer from Elance or simialr site to do the customization. The PHP code of all software sold here is very easy to understand.

Design Customization and Design Service

This website, some of the software UI-s and other of my projects have been designed by our designer Dani Velkova at Kiboko Labs. If you need design for a product you have bought here or other kind of design help, I can arrange a good deal for you. The designer will produce clean modern CSS based HTML code and eye-catching graphics without breaking your budget.

Use the contact form to let me know what you need and we'll get back to you with a proposal.

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