Time Difference Calculator

Calculate the difference between two dates and times. Receive the result in years, months, weeks, days, hours and minutes or in a combination of them. This time difference calculator is free and fully functional and can be used here on this page.

You can receive a result to a selected preciseness and get it either in the way that humans usually use like "1 year, 2 months and 5 weeks" or entirely calculated in the selected unit - for example 11,067 hours. Play with it and you'll get a better idea.

This is also a time difference calculator software for web masters. You can download it from this link and install it on your site very easy as long as your server supports PHP. You can see how the calculator looks and works below.

Time Difference Calculator

You can use the free calculator below:

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Show result only in the selected unit.

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The above calculator is fully functional, so if you want to use it yourself, go ahead. The instructions below are for webmasters which want to use this calculator on their websites for free.

Download Here

Time Difference Calculator Installation

Once downloaded the above software, unzip it and upload it somewhere in your web host. It's just one single PHP file so all you need to do is to upload it. Then put the following PHP code in your web page:


That's all! Note that if you put the calculator in a folder different than the one where your web page is, you need to give the relative path to it.

This script is completely free and you can do everything you want in it. There are no obligations at all. There is a link to this site at the bottom, but if you wish to remove it, that's ok (We will appreciate if you leave it there though).

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