Watu Exam Feature List:

  • Create and edit unlimited number of surveys, exams and tests. If you want to run an exam, you have an option to assign points to each answer. If you prefer a funny quiz, no problem, use the grades as quiz results. Need to run a survey? Assign same grade to all answers but collect the user data!
  • Single-choice, Multiple-choice and Open-end questions. You can create any kind of exams or survey you can imagine.
  • Randomize questions. To avoid cheating you can have questions and choices randomized every time the exam is loaded.
  • Pull a number of random questions. This way you can have for example 100 questions in the exam but let each user take only 10 or so of them, randomly selected.
  • Set timers. Optionally you can limit the time to take an exam.
  • Explanation of the right question. You can have the exam results presented to the student show also why the best answer is best and the other are not as good. Helps the student actually learn something!
  • Limit by date. The exam can be accessible at any time, or only during a selected by you date range.
  • Images gallery. You can upload images and use them in your questions, answers and grades.
  • Create custom design themes. You can create and apply custom design themes to the entire font-end or to specific exams.
  • Exam categories Optional feature to organize your exams and possibly limit access to some categories.
  • Question categories Each question can be categorized inside the exam. Then you can show the questions grouped by category when presenting to the end user.
  • User groups They are also optional and allow you to create users will different access to different exams.
  • Export/import users to CSV. Makes it easy to edit your students or import student accounts from existing database.
  • Print and export. The collected contact data along with exam results can be printed or exported to CSV file.
  • Pagination. Display exam questions all at one, or one per page (configurable)
  • Multi language support. This software uses Unicode format to store the data so you can publish exams in any language.
  • Send emails. You can have the exam results mailed to your users and to yourself.
  • Students login. Exam takers can login to see their results and take any other available exams.
  • Mobile-friendly front-end. Automatically detects mobile devices and displays mobile-friendly layout. Customizable with the custom design themes.
  • Format the output. Let the users see the right answers of the questions if you wish, or show them only the results. It's your choice - configurable with a single click.
  • Ajax based control panel. No more boring screen refresh: you can add a lot of questions and answers easily.
  • Small, very flexible and fast. It's less than 400 KB, uses easy to modify design templates and works with MySQL
  • Easy to install. No long instructions, just few steps.

And More:

  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Of FREE Upgrades
  • FREE Support
  • Instant Delivery
  • UNLIMITED Domains License For Domains You Own
  • Open Source Code
  • 7 Years Online History

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