Eventy and Eventy Plus Feature Comparison:

Eventy and Eventy Plus can do everything that you expect from a cutting-edge event calendar software

FeatureEventyEventy Plus
Unlimited events on every dateYesYes
Switch between 12 and 24 hour formatYesYes
Protect the entire calendar with password (optional)YesYes
Display event details in Ajax/DHTML popupYesYes
Publish events as RSS feed entriesYesYes
Small, very flexible and fastYesYes
Easy to install, just few stepsYesYes
Rich text editor for event descriptionsNoYes
Multi-user administration accessNoYes
Notify mailing list for new eventsNoYes
Send email reminders X days before the eventNoYes
Send email notifications in iCal formatNoYes
Create recurring eventsNoYes
Weekly/Monthly viewNoYes
Event Categories & Filter by categoryNoYes

And More:

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  • 1 Year Of FREE Upgrades
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  • Instant Delivery
  • UNLIMITED Domains License For Domains You Own
  • Open Source Code
  • 7 Years Online History

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