BroadFast Lite: Free PHP Newsletter

BroadFast Lite Is Free Newsletter Software

  • Using it is easy as a cake. There is one page manual - all other answers are answered straight on the screen.
  • There is one-click web based installation. Create the database, upload the files on your server and you are ready to go.
  • You can keep it on your server. No monthly fees and no quiet support exactly when you have problems.
  • It's FREE and open-source.
  • You can import and export subscribers in CSV format.
  • There is double opt-in feature to avoid spam.

And It's FREE!

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Features Table

FeatureBroadFast LiteBroadFast
Mass mail messagesYes Yes
Add/edit/delete subscribersYes Yes
Online sign-upYes Yes
Import/Export SubscribersYes Yes
Double opt-inYes Yes
Message customizationYes Yes
Unicode supportYes Yes
Search subscribers  Yes
Delayed sending for large lists  Yes
SMTP & Sendmail  Yes
Custom fields  Yes
Bounce mails tracking  Yes
Synchronize with existing subscribers DB  Yes
Custom fields  Yes
Track link clicks  Yes
Free support  Yes
PriceFree $17

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Download BroadFast Lite Now

Technical Requirements:

BroadFast is a web based software. It needs the following platform:
  • PHP 5.0 or newer
  • MySQL 5.0 or newer

The software works fine under Apache on Unix/Linux and Windows. It works on IIS as well although is less tested.

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