BFT Autoresponder Wordpress Plugin

Sequential Autoresponder

Kiboko Labs
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WordPress version:
2.x, 3.x
From the Wordpress repository.

About BFT Autoresponder

This is a sequential autoresponder which allows you to send automated email messages to user who subscribe for your mailing list. This software is free and simple version of our more advanced standalone php auto responder.

Why Do You Need BFT Autoresponder Wordpress Plugin?

  • To send automated marketing campaigns, tutorials and other content to your visitors.
  • To increase visitor loyality, readership and profits
  • To avoid paying expensive monthly fees for the hosted autoresponder services.

How Does It Work?

Using the Autoresponder Wordpress Plugin is really simple. You need to set your default "From" email address and schedule the email messages. Install the registration form HTML code to get users subscribe and/or import them yourself. You will find full instructions in the settings page after you install the plugin, but most probably you aren't going to need them - it's very intuitive.

BFT Autoresponder Wordpress Plugin

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