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2.x, 3.x

About A.M.Y. Lite

This is ad management extension that allows you to create and manage direct ads, campaigns and ad zones on your blog.. This software is free and simple version of our more advanced standalone ad management software.

Why Do You Need A.M.Y. Lite?
  • To sell ads directly on your blog and track expirations automatically.
  • To rotate ads from different ad networs in different zones.
  • To handle your ad codes at a single place.

How Does It Work?

Using A.M.Y. lite is simple. Once installed the plugin you need to create at least one ad zone and one ad campaign. Then create ads in the campaigns by assigning a label to each ad (for your own convenience) and pasting the ad code (HTML or Javascript). Create pricing plans - for example monthly and weekly. The price of the plans is for your own reference, to know how much you charge direct advertisers. The duration of each plan defines the automatical expiration date of the package once you activate it for a given campaign.

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