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We know you are looking for software to save your time, not because you can't code them yourself or you can't hire someone to do it. We know also you want "plug and play" solutions and you don't want to digg in configurations, neither to read 10-pages manuals.

All the software you can find on this website is created with one primary idea in mind:

To be easy and simple to use.

Installing most of the our scripts along with reading the manual takes less than 15 minutes. Tested and proven. WordPress plugins are even easier.

Who Is Behind This?

CalendarScripts.info is a property of Kiboko Labs and is created by Bobby Handzhiev. We are selling software for webmasters since 2004. You can check how this site looked during the years in the Web Archive. Most of the products offered here are coded and tested by Bobby, and some of them (the better looking ones) are designed by Dani Velkova.

If you want to contact us about some of the scripts or anything else, please check this page for more information.

The Quality Of Software and Support

We don't outsource our support. When you write us for help, you are most likely to talk directly to the main developer. There is no point to send you through some polite but clueless support guy who will only waste your time giving the impression that support answers are fast. Our support answers are fast without the help of the clueless support guy (or girl). We usually answer in few minutes to a couple of hours (officially 24 - 48 hours).

Most of the code is written by the two of us here. We may occasionally use the help of independent developers but then we don't release the product before the code is fully understood. This ensures that when you contact us for a problem we can resolve it quickly, and when you contact us with customization or feature request, we can give quick estimates because we know the expected complexity. Writing quality code is our core business and we don't let strangers do it.

The Pricing

Our prices aren't the lowest in the market. We are not here to make quick bucks selling huge volume and then disappear. We are running this business from 2004 and will do our best to keep running it the next 10, 20, or 30 years - as long as we are alive and well. Setting fair prices to our products lets us focus on their quality and on the support for the customers that we have, instead of rushing for bulk sales.

Our support and upgrades are free for one year on all products. After the year passes you can keep using the latest obtained version forever, or renew another year of support / upgrades for 40% of the actual price. Why are not these lifetime free? Because it's not sustainable. Imagine what would happen if we added 1,000 customers per year and each of them needs just an hour of support. A couple of years later we would be totally unable to handle it because the number of customer grows every year, but the new sales remain 1,000 per year. This would make it impossible to develop the products further and to provide quality support.

Having 1-year free support and upgrades means that most customer's problems will be fully resolved, and at the same time we can stay in business. Be careful with companies offering lifetime upgrades and support, as many of them are unlikely to stay for long. On the other hand we have customers who are with us for nearly 10 years, and are happy with our products, knowing that whatever problem arises we'll be here to help.

We are small business and do things with personal care.

Bob and Dani
Kiboko Labs Ltd.

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