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What's This?

E.M.M.A. means Easy Membership Management Application - a tool that will let you create cool membership sites, online learnign environments, paid closed commuties, web accademies... any kind of protected content site. You can then charge for access to some content, give some for free, charge more for other - basically anything you want to do.



The script needs only web host with PHP 5 or newer and MySQL 5.0 or newer database.  The server must allow simple email functionality.


The installation of E.M.M.A. is very simple and requires only few steps.

  1. Create a MySQL database for use of E.M.M.A. The software can also share an existing database with other applications you may have on the host.
  2. Upload the files on your web host (preferably in a folder).
  3. (optional).  You may want to create folders "uploads" and "templates" and make them writable. This means to change the mode of the directory to 0775 or 0777. You can see for example how to do this with CuteFTP. If you miss to do this the software will try to do it for you when you upload the first content or template, but depending on the server restrictions, it might be unable to (you'll see an error on the screen in such case).
    Another optional but recommended step is to change the mode of inc/mysql_wrapper.php to 0777 as well.
  4. Visit install.php with your browser and follow the steps. That's all.

To use the script as administrator, visit admin.php and setup content categories, subscription plans etc.

It's highly recommended to delete install.php from the server after you are done.

Changing the design

You can modify all files from folder 'views' with any WYSIWYG or ordinary web editor and change main.css for the style sheets.

Using E.M.M.A.

E.M.M.A. is divided in two main parts - Administration, where you manage your content, users, subscription plans etc; and Front-end where your customers login or register for your system.


To start using the administration visit admin.php and login with the username and password created during installation.

Below is an explanation of every page:

Admin Home

Here you can change your administrator login details and other site settings. You can edit your site name, for example "Joe's Affiliate Academy", set up your admin email address and Paypal address.

Optionally you can set email reminders to be sent to your members X days before some of their subscriptions expire.

Manage Users

Here are the customers of your membership site. Usually they will register from your Front-end, but sometimes you may want to import or export them, or add user manually. When someone pays you by manual payment method, or for whatever other reason is not activated automatically, you can manage their subscriptions from this page. When hopefully your subscribers become hundreds or thousands you can easily filter them and find the one(s) you need.

Registration Form

E.M.M.A. already has a registration form with some basic fields. But if you want to collect more information from your customers - for example gender, age, location - you can control the fields here.

Email Users

This is just a simple tool to send broadcast email to your users.

Content Categories

You can organize your content in categories with unlimited level of nesting (tree structure). Of course you can keep things simple too and have just one-two categories without nesting.

Manage Contents

Content is the core of your membership site and here you can manage it. Each content must have title which is shown to the end user. Description is also for your customers but you can skip it if you wish. There are four types of content in E.M.M.A.

  • Downloadable file. This option will display only the hyperlinked title of the content. When the user click on the link, the file will be sent for download. Don't worry, the real location of the file will remain invisible and unaccessible for everyone except the users who have the active subscription allowing to see this piece of content (more about this below). This option is good for PDF, Exel sheets etc.
  • Image. Obviously you need to upload only images as such conent. The image will be displayed directly on the page when the user click on it.
  • Local page. You can upload HTML file and it will be shown to the user. If there are header, footer etc in the file, that you don't want to show, don't worry - just place HTML comments "<--EMMA START-->" and ""<--EMMA END-->" around the piece of conent you want to show.
  • Remote URL. This is very cool option. Let's say there is a Wordpress blogpost residing on some other site of yours. You don't have to copy it to E.M.M.A. - just give the URL to it and the software will display it. The same "<--EMMA START-->" and ""<--EMMA END-->" trick will work here so you can cut out header, navigation etc. You can even use Wordpress to publish all your membership site content - just protect your Wordpress blog with .htacces or with using "Protected directories" in your server control panel and link to the pages from E.M.M.A. - it allows storing the username and password required there. (Of course you can always just save the HTMLs and upload them instead of using this option).
    Alternative to .htaccess is to use "code snippet" protection. It will give you a piece of PHP code which you can enter on any PHP supporting site to protect individual pages and not entire directory.

Each piece of content can be assigned to any number of subscription plans. This way you can allow for example free users to access some basic content, and premium users to access all. Of course you can have many more levels - Free, Basic, Premium, Gold etc.

Optionally you can let some content be accessible to everyone who is registered and even to unregistered uisers and search engines. This might be a good idea to drive some traffic to your membership site and to presell the users with some free content.

Manage Design Themes

Design themes are optional and allow you to customize the design of the pages that your customers will see. Activating a template will affect both the control panel pages of your customers and the protected content pages as well.

Subscription Plans

This is where you can manage your subscription plans. You can decide to have different plans depending on duration (Monthly, Yearly) or depending on access to content - as already mentioned Basic, Premium etc. Optionally you can create free plans as well.

If you have only one paid plan I highly recommend you to use the "Quick mode". It will redirect your members to the payment page immediately after they register. This may increase your conversion rates.

Subscriptions Report

You can see how many members subscribed in any period, and how much money you have made in it.

Content Report

See how often is your content seen in the given period. This way you can identify the best and the worst content.


The Front-end is simple. At index.php you'll see the default placeholder page. You can use it as your sales page, but you can skip it as well, and take your users directly to the registration or login screen.

The member control panel allows your customers to see all the content categories and the content that is available in them, and for their subscription plan. The users can also create subscriptions and edit their profile details.


To upgrade from version 1.0 or later version, just upload all files except inc/mysql_wrapper.php on your server and run upgrade.php in the browser. It should not break your existing data, but it's always required to download a backup from phpMyAdmin before you upgrade.

Don't forget that upgrades are free 1 year after your latest E.M.M.A. purchase and after period are offered at a discounted price.


For any problems or questions contact me on info@calendarscripts.info


You can use this software on unlimited domains as long as you own them. For resell/PLR rights, developers license, or affiliate program please contact me.

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