E.M.M.A. - Features

Software Functionality:

Unlimited Number Of Users

Your membership site can handle unlimited (hopefully big!) number of users. They can register in the system themselves or be added or imported by the administrator. The CSV import/export is very flexible and lets you basically use any order of rows and columns.

Custom Fields In The Registration/Profile Form

E.M.M.A. comes with the most common-sense fields like email, name and password, but you can add unlimited number of fields to user profile as well. Age, gender, location - no problem. This is a great way to know more about your users and build a mailing list.

Mass Mail Users

Speaking about mailing list, E.M.M.A. has a simple built-in one. And you can always use the same database with another powerful mailing list manager or autoresponder software.

Arrange Content In Category Tree

It's up to you what kind of category structure will your content have - but E.M.M.A. lets you nest categories in tree in unlimited levels. In case you wish so.

Four Types Of Content

This membership management software allows you to upload and protect four types of content - images, HTML, downloadable files and remote URLs. This basically lets you use just any kind of content in your application.

ReCaptcha To Prevent Spam Bots

You can use the industry standard solution ReCaptcha to prevent spam bots registering in your site. It's as easy as entering your public and private keys in the main settings page of E.M.M.A.

Unlimited Subscription Plans

You can add as many plans as you wish. You can distinguish the plans for example by price (think about Basic, Premium, Silver, Gold etc), by time (Monthly, Yearly), or both. You can even have a free preview plan.

Restrict Content By Subscription Plans

Each piece of content can be attached to any number of subscription plans, thus allowing you full control over what your users see.

Your Content Is Secure

Don't worry - the real paths to your content are never exposed and never accessible. Only users who are logged in and have the corresponding subscription plans can access content, view images and download files.

Design Templates

Basic responsive template is included.

You can easily design skins for your membership site - there are no limitations to your creativity. Then activate the template in the administration and your customers will have your great UI in their member's area.

Reports and Stats

You can see a report of the number of subscriptions, and the money you've made in a given period. The content report allows you to see how many times each of your contents is accessed and define where the main interest is.

Instant Subscription Activation

Paypal is automatically integrated. Other manual payment methods can be added easily. Don't hesitate to contact us at info@calendarscripts.info if you need other automated payment systems integrated.

General Features:

Full Source Code Included

It's all PHP, unencrypted and well structured. The HTML code is separated and you can edit it if you wish.

Web Based Installation

E.M.M.A. is easy to install - create a MySQL database, edit the DB connection values in a text file and upload everything on the FTP. Then run the install script. More details in the manual.

Unlimited Domains License

If you want to set up several membership sites, no problem, you don't need to buy more license. The only restriction is that you cannot resell the software.

Miss Important Feature?

If you believe E.M.M.A. misses an important feature, contact us at info@calendarscripts.info and let us know. We'll see what we can do for you.

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